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Gary McNeil
President, AMC Diligence

Mr. McNeil is responsible for overseeing AMC's due diligence businesses, including proper implementation of client focused initiatives, production resources and activities, and project management for client engagements.

Prior to joining AMC, Mr. McNeil was COO of JCIII & Associates, where he began in October 2003. He was responsible for the Operations group, the Regulatory Compliance team, and Business Development. Mr. McNeil was also overseeing operational development and implementation of the firm's growth strategy. This included all initiatives related to production quality, project timelines, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and the utilization of the diligence technology platform.

With approximately 15 years of experience in the due diligence industry, Mr. McNeil currently oversees all core business lines, ensuring operational focus on client needs and client expectations while managing the client relationship team. Mr. McNeil holds a MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with Honors with a B.S. in Business.

Company Bios:

Gary McNeil
President, AMC Diligence

Michael Franco
Chief Executive Officer

Karen Riffe
President, Meridian Asset Services

Prashant Kothari
President, String Real Estate Information Services

Tom Britt
Managing Director, Head of Sales

Chris Consoli
Chief Technology Officer

Lisa Wallace
General Counsel

Kurt Goodman
Chief Financial Officer

Julia Curran
Director, Product & Client Solutions

Scott McNulla
Director, Regulatory Compliance

Michael Margolf
Director, Consulting Solutions

Peter Kempf
Director, Securitization / Forensic Review Activities

Brian Sherman
Senior Vice President, Sales

Brian Hugo
Senior Vice President, Sales

AMC clients include

Mortgage Originators Asset Backed Originators Banks Servicers Hedge Funds Insurers REITs RMBS Issuers Asset Backed Issuers Warehouse Lenders Law Firms
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