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Julia Curran
Director, Product & Client Solutions

Julia Curran has 25 years' experience in the mortgage industry, with over 13 years in the due diligence arena. Julia joined AMC in 2013, previously holding director and/or vice president level positions on both the vendor and investment bank sides of the residential mortgage due diligence industry.

Julia started her career on the origination side of the business developing systems to automate the originations process and then worked in the secondary marketing, servicing and master servicing areas managing various aspects of each department. She has managed the definition of business requirements leading to system design, development, implementation and maintenance of mortgage origination, servicing, due diligence and quality control systems; initiated and controlled operational reviews of companies that serviced loans for, or were selected for purchase by clients; and created and managed a Master Servicing Department for a major Wall Street firm. Most recently, Ms. Curran has managed hundreds of due diligence projects covering whole loan purchases as well as rated private securities.

Company Bios:

Julia Curran
Director, Product & Client Solutions

Michael Franco
Chief Executive Officer

Gary McNeil
President, AMC Diligence

Karen Riffe
President, Meridian Asset Services

Prashant Kothari
President, String Real Estate Information Services

Tom Britt
Managing Director, Head of Sales

Chris Consoli
Chief Technology Officer

Lisa Wallace
General Counsel

Kurt Goodman
Chief Financial Officer

Scott McNulla
Director, Regulatory Compliance

Michael Margolf
Director, Consulting Solutions

Peter Kempf
Director, Securitization / Forensic Review Activities

Brian Sherman
Senior Vice President, Sales

Brian Hugo
Senior Vice President, Sales

AMC clients include

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