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Originator Operational Review

The quality of loan originations is often a function of the in-place controls of the originating entity. Well documented and controlled processes and procedures teamed with good technology can aid in mitigating significant risks.

AMC conducts reviews of origination operations and production to gauge compliance with investor guidelines, leading industry practices, and federal regulations. We will also assist new market entrants in building out procedures and infrastructure for future origination platforms. With experience spanning from setting up correspondent lender networks to establishing new conduit programs to assessing internal originator efficiency, AMC's team of seasoned professionals can provide valuable insight into origination operations.

Whether you are looking to purchase an originator, verify origination quality through procedures andloan-level reviews, or establish a new lending operation, AMC can provide solutions to meet your needs.

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Originator Operational Review
Review to gauge compliance with investor regulations and use of best practices

Servicer Operational Review
Ensure practices are aligned with legislative initiatives and federal guidelines

Servicing Quality Control

Servicer Oversight / Surveillance

Servicing Advance Verification

MSR Trades Consulting

CFPB Mock Audit

AMC clients include

Mortgage Originators Asset Backed Originators Banks Servicers Hedge Funds Insurers REITs RMBS Issuers Asset Backed Issuers Warehouse Lenders Law Firms
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