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Due Diligence
MSR Pricing

AMC, through its TELAport offering, offers MSR pricing leveraging performance data from over 43 million loans with over 2.6 billion recorded payment cycles spanning nineteen years. Given (a) loan characteristics, which can also be updated from diligence findings, (b) performance history, (c) mortgage product characteristics, and (d) expected market conditions, TELAport forecasts loan performance and loss given default. The model output is expressed as a percentage probability of the mortgage transitioning from one of six active statuses to nine ending statuses, including four terminal statuses of prepayment, maturity, short sale, and real estate (REO) sale. Potential loss severity upon liquidation includes Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level home price appreciation/depreciation projections and adjustments for distressed property home sales, if appropriate.

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Review Types:

MSR Pricing

New Originations
Pre and post securitization reviews according to rating agency guidelines

Pre and post securitization reviews according to rating agency guidelines

Whole Loan Portfolios / Purchases
For bulk or flow purchases

MSR Loan Diligence

NPA Review
For bulk or flow purchases

Reverse Mortgages/ HECM

Collateral Review


Warehouse Line Review
Accurate assessment of risks that may be associated with financing

Forensic / Repurchase Review
Repurchase defense for banks and originators

Additional Asset Review
Solutions to aid in acquisition

AMC clients include

Mortgage Originators Asset Backed Originators Banks Servicers Hedge Funds Insurers REITs RMBS Issuers Asset Backed Issuers Warehouse Lenders Law Firms
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