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Servicing Solutions
Compensatory Fees

Data quality and reporting are the two most crucial factors in ensuring compensatory fees are minimal to non-existent. As these fees cannot always be avoided, it is important to accurately track and account for all compensatory fees assessed. Depending on servicing agreements, fees may be recoverable from the responsible party. AMC will review the default timelines, borrower outreach and responses (loss mitigation activity), and reporting activities to determine any delays, the fees associated, and the responsible party. Through analysis of investor requirements together with the individual loan or pool findings, AMC will provide remediation and recovery options and help you with the implementation of these recommendations.

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Servicer Oversight / Surveillance
Ensure servicer compliance to investor and regulatory requirements

GSE SAI Review
Ensure servicers are meeting Servicing Alignment Initiatives (SAI)

Compensatory Fees
Review of processes to reduce likelihood of compensatory fees

MSR Trade
Reduce the risks of a servicing transfer highlighting deficiencies in loan origination and servicing

Servicing Advance Verification
Ensure that advances made by the servicer are documented, allowable and recovered in a timely fashion

Foreclosure Attorney Audit
Target attorney foreclosure handling to increase performance and align process with industry best practices

CFPB Mock Audit
Prepare for a potential CFPB audit

AMC clients include

Mortgage Originators Asset Backed Originators Banks Servicers Hedge Funds Insurers REITs RMBS Issuers Asset Backed Issuers Warehouse Lenders Law Firms
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